Episode 13: Women Tell All (And It's Never OK to Tell Two Women You Love Them)

Aly and Christina return to talk about Ben's final two choices, the Women Tell All episode of "The Bachelor" and why it is absolutely not OK to tell two women you love them on national television.

We've missed a few weeks of the show because real life got in the way -- we're sorry -- but we're back to talk about Ben's final two picks, JoJo and Lauren B. We also have an extensive discussion about why it is NOT OK to tell two women you love them. Especially on national television.

When it comes time for the "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor, we share our thoughts on why we think Lace is rad, Jubilee is great -- if totally wrong for this show -- and why Olivia is still the absolute worst.

We also share our thoughts on who we think will be the ultimate winner of the show and our thoughts on The Bachelorette.

Also, Robert Mills from ABC -- we have a fantastic spin-off idea for two of your contestants. Call us.

Basic Bitch of the Week: Jubilee Sharpe -- a woman too good for this show but a total and complete badass. Jubilee, we are your fans. You are the best. We want you to find love. Just not on ABC.