Aly Keves (left) and Christina Warren (right)

While live tweeting the most basic of all basic bitch TV shows (ABC's "The Bachelor"), Aly and Christina realized they were meant to be friends. Best friends. After realizing their shared passion for the more basic things in life, Aly and Christina decided to stop sending each other hundreds of iMessages each day and instead do a podcast focused on the world of pop culture, from the perspective of a self-confessed basic bitch.

Aly Keves is the real time social editor at The Daily Dot (where she works with Christina's husband, Grant) and spends her day on Twitter. Aly can insert more biographical details and links here as soon as she gives them to Christina. You can follow her on Twitter at @alykeves.

Christina Warren is the senior tech correspondent at Mashable (where she works with Aly's boyfriend, Jonathan) and spends her day with obsessing over tech and media. She also hosts the podcasts Overtired (ostensibly about tech and pop culture and what keeps Brett and Christina awake at night, but increasingly it's just about Taylor Swift and Netflix), Rocket (accelerated geek conversation from a female perspective) and MashTalk (Mashable's weekly tech podcast). She's @film_girl on Twitter.